Activate Retail Players

How can you inspire retail players to provide data to your business?

How can you activate
your retail players? 

Operators simply doesn't know who their retail players are and what preferences they have. Some operators are using loyalty cards to gather data on their retail players but the majority fails to complete the registration process.

Sounds familiar?

Transfer retail players online

Traditional marketing methods are no longer effective to inspire players to register their loyalty cards. The real challenge lies in simplifying the registration process and start building data profiles of their players. If they succeed, huge cross selling opportunities will be revealed and higher NPS score become possible...

"We are operating in an increasingly competitive market, with a challenging combination of tougher competition and stricter levels of regulation."

Kristian Abd El All Head of Brand

Face it, your players are busy. So what do you do?

Do nothing

Just hope the players start depositing by themselves


Hire a team

Hire a team of customer service reps and hope for the best


Same channels

Continue reaching out in the same channels as you’re already using.


Be personal

Tailored messages in each customer journey

Right way

So what do you do?


Do nothing

Hire a team

Use traditional channels

Be personal

Just hope the players start registering loyalty cards by themselves


Hire an expensive team of call centre reps who don’t know your brand and hope for the best


Spam these customers with ineffective emails or generic SMS


Tailored personal messages, in the right channel, at the right time, automatically.

Right way

Cut through the noise.
Even though you're talking to thousands.


Automated Customer Interactions

Hyper targeted yet truly scalable

Most effective channels

Blends voice, text and mobile messaging adapted to each individual

Artificial Intelligence

Uses data to optimize when, what and how to communicate.

Engaging content

Generates engaging and unique content built around your brand to inspire action from customers

Always optimising

Learns from interactions in real time to continuously improve customer lifetime value and loyalty

"We want GVC brands right at the very forefront of enhanced customer experience, and communication with players is central to this. With Wiraya we now deliver a personalised approach to players, that reflects the unique brand styles of each GVC brand."

Global CRM Operation Manager
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Rapidly increase CLV

Build data profiles

Get players online

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